Feeding and Swallowing

Vanessa has received training and taken certified workshops to service children who are problem eaters, demonstrate sensory-motor oral deficits, and have oral sensory aversions.

Talk Tools oral placement therapy specifically targets therapy for children with Down syndrome, Autism, Childhood Apraxia Speech, and low tone. Various tools and straws are used to increase muscle tone and coordination for increased speech intelligibility and ability to eat varied textures.

Vanessa has received advanced training in Talk Tools and is currently Level 3 Certified. This means Vanessa has successfully completed an intensive 3-day course and post-test specific to evaluations of patients with sensory-motor feeding and speech deficits.

Vanessa is also trained in Sequential Oral Sensory feeding therapy. This particular feeding therapy consists of introducing new foods and liquids into your child’s diet by using a hierarchy approach. SOS feeding therapy helps your child to understand that food is satisfying and nothing to be frightened of. This program has been developed by a team speech language pathologists, psychologists, and occupational therapists to target all areas of sensory and dietary needs.